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Documentaries are a great way to explore actual incidents that happened in the past. They were a little more challenging to access in the past, but now there are many digital streaming platforms, such as the popular HBO MAX, which make watching a documentary a piece of cake! This list includes top evergreen documentaries that can be watched at any time, and you’ll never be bored, especially if they’re one of the themed documentaries on HBO MAX!

The documentaries you’ll find from HBO MAX are from a wide range of genres, from sports to history. It’s a great way to entertain yourself, be it for a date night or a night in with your family.

Here are some of the best documentaries on HBO MAX that will have you hooked from the first minute!

Best Documentaries On HBO MAX

Beware The Slender Man

IMDb – 6.2
Rotten Tomatoes – 85%
Google – 80%

Release Date – 11 March 2016

Based On – A murder of a young girl by her friends.

“Beware the Slenderman,” a documentary about two friends who stabbed their friend, hoping that a fictional character – Slenderman would get appeased by them. The slender man’s documentary beware consists of interviews of the families of ‘would-be murderers,’ magazine and newspaper articles, and several other footages from the incident.

“Beware the Slenderman” is among the best documentaries on HBO MAX

Mommy Dead and the favorite

IMDb – 7.4
Rotten tomatoes – 100%
Google – 81%

Release date – 11 march 2017

Based on – The murderer Daughter and the Dead Mother

“Mommy Dead and the favorite” is an excellent documentary for crime loving audience. The documentary Mommy Dead and dearest is about a girl in a wheelchair, Gypsy Rose, who murdered her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. Gypsy was a victim of child abuse, forbidden love by her mother, leading her to a significant psychological disorder- Munchausen by proxy syndrome and murdering Dee. The plot twist is that the bond between them was thought to be as good as a fairy tale, but it is there is a catch!

Capturing the Friedmans

IMDb -7.7
Rotten tomatoes – 97%
Google – 82%

Release date – 13 June 2003

Based On – The life of Arnold Friedman

This documentary is about the Friedman family. Arnold Friedman used to give computer classes to children from his home. In 1987, the U.S. Postal service intercepted a magazine of child pornography from the Netherlands. During the investigation, a collection of child pornography was found in New York, which led the local police to suspect Friedman.

Arnold Friedman and his son Jessi Friedman went on trial in court. Arnold confessed all the charges on him, hoping his son would be spared prison time. Later Jessi claimed that he confessed in the hope that his prison time to get reduced. Jessi’s lawyer met Arnold and claimed that he confessed that he molested two children, but they were not his students. Jessi claimed Arnold molested him and sexually abused Arnold’s brother-Howard Friedman. As in the documentary, Howard denies the statement.

Arnold committed suicide in prison, leaving life insurance of $250,000 for Jesse. Jesse Friedman now runs an online book business.

Leaving Neverland

IMDb -7
Rotten tomatoes -98%
Google – 42%

Release date – 25 January 2019

Based on – The two boys sexually abused by Michael Jackson.

The documentary “Leaving Neverland” covers the sexual assault of two men at a young age in the name of romance by the greatest singer and dancer of time, Michael Jackson. The two men, Robson u8and Safechuk, claim that Michael allegedly told them to distrust women and brainwashed them to get away from their families.

The two men recall every act of Michael, including oral sex, masturbation, and anal sex, in detail. Michael used to set up a security system for his acts to be done in complete privacy. He sent them love letters. According to Safechuk, Michael once took him to shop for an engagement ring for them.

Robson seems to be burning all the memories of Jackson at the end of the documentary.

4 Little girls

IMDb -7.8
Rotten tomatoes – 100%
Google – 84%

Release date – 9 July 1997

Based on – Bomb blast at the 16th Street Baptist Church.

“4 Little girls” is a story of a bomb blast at the 16th Street Baptist Church. 4 young girls were killed due to the explosion. Several other people got injured in the explosion. 4 people were accused of the planned accident, of which only one could be arrested. Several black churches were burnt due to the ongoing racism.

The nation revolted in support of the girls. The newspaper and the media covered the incident thoroughly. 4 Little girls are among the best documentaries on HBO MAX, a compilation of the interviews of witnesses, newspaper, and magazine headlines. The makers have tried to keep the content as genuine as possible.

Won’t you be my neighbor

IMDb -8.4
Rotten tomatoes
– 97%
Google – 92%

Release date – 19 January 2018

Based on – Bomb blast at the 16th Street Baptist Church.

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor” is a biographical documentary on the TV host named Fred Rogers. Fred hosted a TV show, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. The documentary is based on the life story and philosophy Fred. The documentary focuses on the idea of Rogers that life’s most challenging and vital lessons must be discussed with children. Roger tried his best to lead society towards positivity through his show. He has made a remarkable mark through his outstanding work and ideas on the tv industry and society.

Being one of the best documentaries on HBO MAX, “Won’t you be my neighbor” has been honored by many awards.

Baltimore Rising

IMDb – 6.1
Rotten tomatoes -100%
Google -76%

Release date – 20 November 2017

Based on –  The story of Freddie Gray, who died amidst police custody.

“Baltimore Rising” is the story of a man, Freddie Gray, who died amidst police custody. The incident took place in the city of Baltimore and completely shooked the place. The public was outraged and revolted for the man to seek justice. Six police officers were included in the incident. This put the authorities into a great dilemma.

The people of Baltimore fought for the man and discovered how mighty they were if they got together. Different people and communities who didn’t like each other were fighting for the exact cause. It is an exciting movie to watch as it offers significant life learnings.

“Baltimore Rising” should be on your bucket list and witness the circus of politics.

I love you, now die – The Commonwealth Vs. Michelle Carter

IMDb -7. 5
Rotten tomatoes – 97%
Google – 82%

Release date – 9 March 2019

Based on – A teen love story

The story is about a teen love story, 18-year-old boy Conrad Roy and 17-year-old girl Michelle Carter. They both were in love, although the two met only five times. Most of their conversations were digital through texts and phone calls. They both met in Florida while visiting their relatives; Both had a history of psychological disorders which led them to talk. Roy and attempted suicide several times, and one day he was dead due to the intoxicating carbon monoxide gas filled in his car.

Carter was accused of allegedly provoking Roy to kill himself. However, she had earlier advised him to visit a psychiatrist, but before his death, she had been urging Roy to commit suicide for several days.

The documentary induces curiosity among viewers as both were teens and had psychiatric issues. Both were in love, but what led Carter to provoke Roy? It would be best if you watched the documentary to witness the twisting turns it takes that will make you want to chew your nails.

Everything Is Copy

IMDb -7.4
Rotten tomatoes – 100%
Google – 72%

Release date– 29 September 2015

Based on – The story of the popular writer & director Nora Ephron.

Nora Ephron is a writer, journalist, and director. The documentary “everything is a copy” was written and directed by her son, Jacob Bernstein. The phrase everything is a copy is one of the learnings from her mother. As of the documentary, there seems a significant impact of her mother’s philosophies in her life. She mentions learnings taught by her mother several times. 

She was a successful and popular writer. She wrote about everything she loved to write about, whether it be her intimate life or social. When her marriage broke up, she wrote a book fictionalizing her feelings and made a movie, ‘Heartburns.’ She seems to be a lady of high class. The documentary is a must-watch. Ephron is among the people one of a decade.

The case against 8

IMDb – 7.3
Rotten tomatoes – 91%
Google – 86%

Release date – 18 January 2014

Based on – Legalizing same-sex marriage.

The case against 8 is a documentary about same-sex marriage. A law was passed in California legalizing same-sex marriage in May 2008. After six months, same-sex marriage was banned because of the conservative groups opposing it.

Two lawyers, who were always opponents, David Boies and Ted Olson, came together to fight for the rights of people. Later they agreed on many points and worked passionately.

Other people were working in the favor, two couples Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, and Zarillo and Paul katami. Both the couples faced various problems due to the law as they were same-sex couples. The documentary covers all the journey of the law getting banned and then legalized.

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We hope you enjoyed our post about the best documentaries on HBO MAX. As you can see, there are a variety of genres to choose from, which means that there will be one for everyone. You can watch them anywhere, anytime, without needing to go to the movie theater. The next time you’re looking for something to watch, be sure to check out the best documentaries on HBO MAX.

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