Kaneez (Part 1) 2021 S01 Hindi Ullu Originals Complete Web Series Free Download

Kaneez (Part 1) 2021 S01 Hindi Ullu Originals Complete Web Series Download
Kaneez (Part 1) 2021 S01 Hindi Ullu Originals Complete Web Series Download

Kaneez (Part 1) 2021 S01 Ullu Complete Web Series

Directed: Sanjiv Kumar & Manish Srivastava
Released Date: 7th December 2021 (India)
Genres: Drama, Romaance
Languages: Hindi
Film Stars: Sudha Chandran (Rukhsar),Hemant Choudhary (Mirza),Maleeka R Ghai (Batulan),Lakshya Handa (Salim),Anushka Srivastava (Sana),Aasma Sayed (Sazia)
Movie Quality: 720p HDRip

Description, Shaziya, the daughter of Nawab Mirza is about to get married when her mother Ruksaar comes to know an awful truth about her to be son-in-law Salim. She seeks help from her family retainer Batulan who sends her beautiful daughter Sana to verify the claim. But this encounter between Sana and Salim disrupts their lives forever.

There are many amazing web series produced by the ULLU platform, which are released online on the Internet. People are always looking forward to the next web series since the sole platform in India has a variety of interesting content. The most popular web series on the platform include Palagtod Caretaker, Palagtod, Riti Riwaj, Wife In A Metro, Cat Lady and many more.

Kaneez (Part-1) Ullu Web Series

Every weekend, the creators of the series launch an amazing web series, and this time the platform is back with a brand new series, called “Kaneez (Part-1)”. The show is set to launch to the ULLU platform and viewers are eagerly awaiting this.

The makers are releasing the first trailer for the series, it is evident that fans are enthusiastically supporting the new web series and sharing their thoughts. The trailer premiered on December 1st, 2021 and, since it first came out, has had an average of 56K view as well as 2.6 Likes.

Alongside the trailer, there is a caption that the creators have shared is,” Khwaahishon ke bhanvar mein dooba hai, kisi ka Dil, Ek Raaz See the uthega parda and tootegi sapno manzil”. The makers have also revealed some of the key details of the show, including the release date, casting as well as the the plot. Let’s see what happens when we look forward to the official web series show and when it will be available.

The plot of the show revolved around the lives of a boy and girl. The boy is planning to get married however, the girl’s family comes to learn that he has been impervious since childhood. Unfortunately the story takes an unexpected turn. The girl’s mother revealed everything to a woman whom she sent a slave to the boy in order to transform him into an obedient gentleman. The story then changes as the woman (Kaneez) becomes pregnant.

Kaneez (Part-1) ULLU Episode, Review

She came to realize that Kaneez is able to make anyone smile, but not be an integral part of his life. There are a lot of shows to catch in the new web-based series.


Kaneez (Part 1) 2021 S01 Ullu Complete Web Series free Download
Kaneez (Part 1) 2021 S01 Ullu Complete Web Series
Kaneez (Part 1) 2021 S01 Ullu Complete Web Series free download
Kaneez (Part 1) 2021 S01 Ullu Complete Web Series

Kaneez (Part-1) ULLU Web Series: Cast

Based on the trailer, many well-known characters returning, but two main characters including actress Sudha Chandran as well as Aasma Syed, are returning to the show and are set to be sharing a screen. Additionally actor Lakshya Handa will also be playing an important part in the show.

Kaneez (Part-1) ULLU Web Series Release Date

The fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of this web series that is coming out and it’s exciting to learn that the show will air on the 7th of December 2021. In addition, the producers have officially announced the date for the release. Watchers can stream the complete Web series online on ULLU platform, however they’ll have to purchase the subscription package that comes with the show. Therefore, be prepared to enjoy the web series over and over again.


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