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Chris Hemsworth in movie EXTRACTION 2020
Extraction (2020)

Extraction Movie (2020)

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Randeep Hooda, Pankaj  Tripathi, Rudraksh Jaiswal, Pryanshu Painyuli, Golshifteh Farahni.

Director: Sam Hargrave

Producer: Russo Brothers

A movie by NETFLIX.


Ovi Mahajan Sr. (Pankaj Tripathi) is a indian drug dealer, who is arrested by indian police. Amir Asif(Pryanshu Painyuli) is a Bangladeshi don, and die-hard enemy of Ovi mahajan Sr. Amir kidnapped Ovi Mahajan Jr. (Rudraksh Jaiswal). Saju(Randeep Hooda) works for Ovi Mahajan Sr.
Saju told him about kidnapping. Ovi Sr. threatenes Saju to kill his family, if he is not able to celebrate his son’s birthday.
Saju give betel to Tylor (Chris Hemsworth), and the stroy goes on….
Story revoles around Ovi Mahajan Jr.’s rescue. And how Tylor and Saju struggle and fight with Bangladeshi army.

 Honest Review and Ratings

Basically, due to Lockdown and COVID-19 crisis, movie makers were not able to advertise it. For sure, this is going to effect it’s box office collection. However, it’s rights were bought by online streaming company NETFLIX.
There were some loose ends in the story plot. Ovi Mahajan Sr.’s character could have been better. Everyone’s darling, Pankaj Tripathi sir, was given only one dailogue and few minutes role.

Pankaj Tripathiin movie EXTRACTION 2020
Pankaj Tripathi in movie EXTRACTION

 Chris Hemsworth  did an excellent job. We have already seen his action moves in MCU series. He is playing the character of Tylor (a killer) in movie, who went to Bangladesh to rescue Ovi Mahajan Jr. for money. But sooner, they both established a personal attachment with each other.

Chris Hemsworth in movie EXTRACTION 2020
Chris Hemsworth in movie EXTRACTION
Again, when it comes to action and acting, Randeep Hooda is an amazing artist. He played the role of Saju. He did an awesome job. As story demands, both Tylor and Saju died in the climax.

Randeep Hooda in movie EXTRACTION 2020
Randeep Hooda in movie EXTRACTION
Let’s give a shout-out to this Lil Champ,  Rudraksh Jaiswal. This guy has an amazing on screen presence. He played the role of Ovi Mahajan Jr. For sure, in future this guy is going to be a Hit-Machine of box office.

Rudraksh Jaiswal in movie EXTRACTION 2020
Rudraksh Jaiswal in movie EXTRACTION
Pryanshu Painyuli is playing antagonist of the story. He is playing Amir Asif, who kills both Saju and Tylor, but later on got killed by Tylor’s partner Nik Khan(Golshifteh Farahni).

Pryanshu Painyuli in movie EXTRACTION 2020.
Pryanshu Painyuli in movie EXTRACTION

Rating ~ 3.5* out of 5*

Bonus= Strongest part of movie —- CAST &  PERFORMANCE.                                                                      Weak part of movie —— STORY PLOT could have been better.

CAST and Crew:

Directed by – Sam Hargrave

Produced by- •Anthony Russo
 •Joe Russo
•Chris Hemsworth~
•Mike Larocca
•Eric Gitter
•Peter Schwern
Screenplay by – Joe Russo
Story by –
•Ande Parks
•Joe Russo
•Anthony Russo
Based on ^ = Ciudad by Ande Parks
•Chris Hemsworth
•Rudhraksh Jaiswal
•Randeep Hooda
•Golshifteh Farahani
•Pankaj Tripathi
•Priyanshu Painyuli
•David Harbour
Music by
•Henry Jackman
•Alex Belcher
•Newton Thomas Sigel
Edited by
•Peter B. Ellis
•Ruthie Aslan
Production company
•Thematic Entertainment
•India Take One Productions
•T.G.I.M. Films
Distributed by
Release date
April 24, 2020 (United States)
Running time
117 minutes
Budget – $65 million

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A Bangladeshi Fan Review

I was eagerly waiting for the film because it was perhaps the first time I saw my native country, Bangladesh, on the big screen. I was super excited to take to the criminal underworld of harguave and hemsworth, and bangladeshi criminal, full of coloured characters and peculiar customs. The film, however, remembers the trail when it comes to the country’s authenticity that it is trying to highlight. Paraps are the most disheartening fall of the eclipse, it’s entirely terrifying Bengali, completely ruining the experience as a native speaker. 
Bangladeshi goons talk in nearly formal syllables where even the delivery of classic swear words is discontinued, and the Bengali heard in the entire film (for example by elite police and military) is also very artificial. Priyanshu panuli was the biggest culprit in this case as the largest drug Lord Aamir asif in the city of Dhaka. 
Most of the Indian actor’s deliveries were inadvertently, unsatisfied, and were just plain bad (hemsworth had in my opinion a better Bengali dialect, give evidence “) with promen down. 
With your hip boy’s haircut and a cute suit, it looks more like a friendly sari seller than the formidable boss of a young, humorous, middle-town town. Aamir asif was the most depressing character, who looked very young for role and not like a drug Lord at all, very less impolite.
Not working with Bengali actors, hargava had made the bengalis a great publicity around the world, nor did he take the charge of consulting with an actual bangladeshi which I guarantee could astronomically improve the film. This movie had the ability to kill god’s fear in the hearts of viewers with really terrified villains, but failed to tap in this with misled casting, and giants like pankaj tripathi wasting. 
Despite the appearance of aamir asif, hargavev had been able to compensate for the admissibly handsome shading, which captured the claustrophobia of the dense gully – mohalla of Dacca. It was certainly a landmark to look at the actual scenes of beriganga, and to mention various important places like sultana lotus bridge. 
Dhaka’s air shots at various points throughout the day were inviting, and battle scenes were exquisitely choreographed. Hemworth and hooda’s physical skills were definitely highlighted in super intense fight scenes that made me stop my breath. The alternative to using children as henchmen showed the cruel realities of many young children in Dacca. 
The costumes were also very well designed, and its wearers were representative of the socio – economic condition, with the exception of aamir asif, who looked like a low – grade model in his highly decorated gotup.
Overall, I am happy to screen my country, and I would appreciate the efforts to make life in Bangladesh a wonderful, true despite being originally filmed in India. Although widespread violence can be replaced for hiring people with more meaningful character development, drug lords in both countries, in fact with better castings with linguistic actors, and better research in Bangladesh.

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