Don Aur Doctor (Devadas) TamilRockers 2019: Latest Hindi Movie Reviews

Don Aur Doctor (Devadas) TamilRockers

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Don Aur Doctor (Devadas) TamilRockers

Don Aur Doctor (Devadas) 2019 Hindi

IMDB Ratings: 6.8/10
Directed: Sriram Adittya
Released Date: 26 September 2018 (USA)
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama
Languages: Hindi
Original Language: Telugu
 Film Cast: Nagarjuna Akkineni, Nani, Aakanksha Singh


Deva (Nagarjuna) comes back to Hyderabad from banish after the homicide of his guide (Tamil entertainer Sarathkumar in an appearance). Being the most needed wear in India, he is fervently sought after by a top cop (played by Murali Sharma).

Don Aur Doctor (Devadas)  hindi dubbed full movie download  tamilrockers movierulz

In abnormal conditions, Deva builds up a kinship with Dasu (Nani), a moral specialist who runs an unremarkable center in a ghetto.

A rough episode including Deva and a terrible character has unanticipated ramifications for the kinship between the criminal and the specialist.

The pre-peak and peak are about how Deva experiences a change and what job Dasu has here. Toss in a news peruser (Aakanksha Singh as Jahnavi) with whom Deva begins to look all starry eyed, and Pooja (Rashmika Mandanna), you have two sentiment tracks for sure.

Don Aur Doctor (Devadas)  hindi dubbed full movie download  tamilrockers movierulz


The film hurls many dependable components. Manly relationship, groundbreaking sentiment, a character who ends up being a disclosure just before the interim, some situational satire including a tentative specialist and an oppressive individual, et cetera. Outfitted with these components, chief Sriram Adittya conveys a genuinely captivating screenplay in the principal half.

In spite of the fact that ‘DevaDas’ is definitely not a good ‘ol fashioned hoodlum flick, Nagarjuna is depicted as somebody who murders stunningly. The scene at the dhaba where a goon shudders with dread at the insignificant idea that Deva is around is mounted so well. The goon doesn’t set out to take a gander at Deva, the puzzle man.

The qualities that Deva and Dasu submit to are set up at an early stage. In the event that Deva secures any individual who trusts him, Dasu invests wholeheartedly in having a place with a calling that spares lives.

Don Aur Doctor (Devadas)  hindi dubbed full movie download  tamilrockers movierulz

The screenplay is cunning in the initial 30 minutes. For instance, Nani enters the screen and submits a blunder without squandering a minute. Submitting stumbles with honest goals is the thing that he is great at. Nagarjuna has a method for communicating his anguish and the discourse essayist acquires it out well the main scene with Avasarala Srinivas. ‘Kalakeya’ Prabhakar has a fair job and he doesn’t come up short.

The issues accompany the subsequent half. Maybe the police are savage and trigger-cheerful yet have no psyche of their own. India’s most needed wear plays carroms at the place of a key character who is being shadowed. Be that as it may, the cops are strangely dumbfounded. In one scene, Murali Sharma and his group start an activity to catch Deva. Be that as it may, the film overlooks these characters totally and the concentrate mysteriously moves in all to a pursuit arrangement, which is promptly trailed by an enthusiastic scene including the two legends. To hellfire with the cops?

Don Aur Doctor (Devadas)  hindi dubbed full movie download  tamilrockers movierulz

While so much show could have been worked around the way that no one knows how this present India’s most needed wear resembles, the chief is content with starting to expose what’s underneath.

What’s increasingly significant, when somebody was in a state of banishment for a long time, the person in question is required to accompany so a lot of psychological weight. Call it torment or whatever, it must be there. In Nag’s character, notwithstanding, we don’t see anything of this sort.

Some well-made however oversimplified scenes later, not exclusively is the wear a changed man yet he likewise advises a ruthless character to become a close acquaintence with the charming Dasu who can transform anybody with his affection and blamelessness. Do even Maha Yogis direction such transformative powers, all things considered?

Don Aur Doctor (Devadas)  hindi dubbed full movie download  tamilrockers movierulz

It’s the specialized components which make the procedures outwardly satisfying alongside the exhibitions. Bother is estimated and marvelous; he is completely persuading and pros the demonstration. Nani, with his glasses, is an embodiment of blamelessness. He possesses all the necessary qualities. On the off chance that Aakanksha is expressive, Rashmika is OK. Naresh, Sathya, Vennela Kishore, Venu, Raghu Karamanchi, Manobala, and others do their parts well. Kunal Kapoor as a baddie is great.

Mani Sharma’s music is OK, and the RR is so cool. Sriram Adittya has a talent for removing awesome BGMs. Shamdat Sainudeen’s cinematography is a quality. Altering by Prawin Pudi is well-suited.


‘DevaDas’ is an acceptable film that could have managed without those stupid scenes. Agreeable exhibitions, great exchanges and superb specialized yield. On the drawback, the subsequent half loses bubble.

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